Creative Wall Garden Designs

We specialize in creating unique wall gardens to enhance those ugly fences visible from bathroom or kitchen windows, to adorn an empty space on a wall or even for display on internal walls to create a statement! They also make an excellent living centre-piece on an outdoor table. 

Made with treated pine frames with recycled timber facings to ensure they last and will not rot out. We offer a choice of a natural finish, white-wash finish or any choice of colour to match your decor.

Our wall gardens can be built to custom sizes and to suit your budget.

A Perfect gift choice

Mini garden bowls, feature plant boxes and hanging pots are perfect for window sills, small spaces or a centre piece in an entertaining area.

The cost to keep a succulent is next to nothing. Being a hardy plant to most conditions, the succulents will tollerate the forgetful carer, within reason that is.

Succulent Wall Feature

Feature Succulent Planters

Succulents are very easy to grow and require little maintenance. Succulent plants have numerous features which enable them to survive in extreme conditions.

With fleshy stems and leaves to increase water storage, spines, thorns and hairs, to reduce transpiration, and light coloured, reflective surfaces to reflect heat, makes them an alround survivor.

We like them because they are ideal for our feature pots, hanging baskets, and wall features.